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What is Adult Learn to Swim?adult learn to swim pin

Illinois Adult Learn to Swim is an instructional program associated with the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation, SSL. The mission of the foundation is to advocate, raise awareness, and serve as a resource for programs providing adult learn-to-swim lessons. Charitable contributions fund SSL program providers.

The focus of the program is to help participants overcome fears of water and give them confidence to feel safe. Hopefully this will allow them to move from the sidelines to participating when engaging in water activites with friends and family.

Wanted: Participantsfirst participants

We are looking for adults who cannot swim due to fear of water, lack of opportunity, or past traumatic water-related experience. We are not looking for adults who would like tips on stroke improvement.

You qualify if:
  • You shy away from aquatic activities
  • You are afraid of being in deep water
  • You feel constantly out of breath while attempting to swim

If you identified with any of the above characteristics, you are a good candidate.

Skills Taught breathing

Basic Skills

  • Head in water
  • Exhaling while head is in the water
  • Front float
  • Back float
  • Breathing while swimming

Advanced Skills

  • Swim 25 yards, coordinating kick with arm stroke and breath
  • Jump into water over your head
  • Tread water for one minute
  • Exit pool without a ladder

April is Learn to Swim Month

United States Masters Swimming is a group of competitive and fitness-minded swimmers. They are asking representatives from each state to proclaim April as "Adult Learn to Swim" month through their governor's office. During April, members of this organization will be volunteering their time to give FREE swim lessons to all those interested who qualify.

All instructors have attended a training event on how best to approach adult learners in a manner that encourages success. To find a location near you, chick  the "Locations" tab.